vrijdag 25 juli 2014

Jerry Coyne proven wrong by physicists about the eye

Jerry Coyne proven wrong by physicists about the eye

Coyne is not an engineer. He’s sort of a glorified fruitfly farmer. He doesn’t have engineering insights and it shows. He’s also one of the most militant ideologues out there ( protesting the appointment of Francis Collins MD,PhD as head of NIH because Collins was Christian).
Jerry Coyne argues the human eyes is poorly designed:
The human eye, though eminently functional, is imperfect—certainly not the sort of eye an
engineer would create from scratch

the nerves and blood vessels that attach to our photoreceptor cells are on the inside
rather than the outside of the eye, running over the surface of the retina.

The whole system is like a car in which all the wires to the dashboard hang inside the driver’s compartment.
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